Song of The Day - Wednesday - Back to Work, Back to Reality

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Happy Wednesday!
I am alive!! 

I am back to work and back to blogging. 
I have holiday and I have also been quite ill in the middle of it all. I'm in fact still a little ill but I cannot have have any more time off.

My holiday and illness started about 2 weeks ago I suppose. We drove to Wales as we were visiting our friends that currently live there. We left around 11am on the Friday and didn't get there until after 8pm, the traffic decided it was going to all show up at the same time as soon as we hit Wales. During our short mini holiday I'm Wales we visited Folly Farm which was extra cute. We also had good food and caught up on a lot of missed friends gaming. The way back was a lot better traffic wise, we did although get caught in a back up after a car accident.
I had a lovely time but I was ill all the way through the holiday, I had a really bad chesty cough that really wanted to tell everyone that I had it. I also could not hear from my left ear and it felt like I put the tissue making companies kids through college with the amount I was using them.

When we got back I epic failed and spent the next week hardly moving from my bed I felt so crappy. I even begrudged going out to the corner shop to get lemons and honey.  My sleep has been very disturbrd due to the coughing waking me up.

Sunday I was still feeling crappy but needed to get out the house, I still couldn't hear from my left ear and I had tried all the remedies. We went up to London for the London Gaming and tabletop market, in true me fashion proceeded to buy soft toys of cartoon characters that have nothing to do with gaming. 

Monday I had a huge long sleep because I was still feeling crappy but still wanted to see Lindsey Stirling. Blake came with me to see Lindsey Stirling in concert at Hammersmith Apollo (yes I know it's not called that anymore). She was magnificent and her show was epic! She was come very far since I saw her on her first tour. A dedicated Lindsey Stirling post will be up some point.
Yesterday we went food shopping and we spent most of the afternoon watching films and eating cookies to make sure I'm rested and ready to go back to work.

Let's do this!
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