Song of The Day - Tuesday - Chilly Tuesday Sunshine

Happy Tuesday and 
A Very Good Morning!!

It's a beautiful sunny morning and that helps since I was a crappy wet evening last night. It's a little cooler today than I thought it was and Blake learned that when he left for work without a coat. Nipples like icicles!  It's not his fault really, one of the cats peed on his hoody and he wasn't sure if he wanted to wear a coat or not.

When Blake picked me up from the station last night with a tissue around his finger I thought something was up. It turns out that he had broken a glass shotglass while washing up and it had cut his finger. The Glass Breaker returns! 

We watched Dirk Gently last night with dinner and I for one will be incredibly sad when we finish it because it's just so good! We also have been watching the new Mystery Science Theatre 3000 series and I must say they really have hit the mark on this reboot. 

Today is payday and that means payday lunch! And maybe a nice breakfast! 
Have a super Tuesday! 
Thank you for reading my blog! 
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