Cloud Zombie's Bookshelf - 2017 Dystopia Challenge - And After (Until The End of The World #2)

I've finished another book so it's book review day once again!
And After (Until The End of The World #2) By Sarah Lyons Fleming (Audiobook)
My god this woman knows how to pull at my heart!
This series has already had a big impact on myself and my emotions. This is the second in the Until The End of The World series and love how the characters have evolved and become stronger versions of themselves.

Cassie our main character has grown in herself and has become more grown up, she has had to deal with a lot of death and danger since the end of the world and it's showing. She has lost a lot of close friends and family on the journey through this book and I feel that you almost become her emotions as you read through the book.
If you haven't read the first book (Until The End of The World) then you should give it a whirl, Cassie I a grower and you won't want to let her go by the end of the second book.
Thank you for reading!