Song of The Day - Wednesday - Dreary Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!
It's really crappy today and I have a feeling that it will get worse. 

Last night was a barrel of laughs, there was a security alert at London Bridge yesterday. The closed the station and the streets around it, no trains were going to London Cannon Street, Waterloo or Charing Cross.  This is where the fun began, all my trains at Cannon Street had been cancelled and we now had to go over to London Blackfriars. Simple?.... Of course not!
 We wait and wait while watching the board until we are told to go wait up by the gates because our train will be coming in to platform 3 or 4. It eventually turns up and we get on and wait for it to leave, half hour later we are told that this train is going nowhere and we all have to get off to go wait on platform 3 for another train. Joy! 
By the time this comes in it's 7ish and we just want to go home, we are let on the train and because there are so many people to get on the train I go straight to first class because it has been declassified. I finally get home by about 10 past 8.
As soon as I got in there was Blake holding up a glass filled with run and coke, he's so awesome!

Blake and I had planned to play some more Horizon Zero Dawn and it seems that the trains hate me making plans. Every time we have planned for an evening of gaming the trains fuck up. Any way, we have come across some really mean machines in the game and it kind of took us by surprise because it kicked our arse.

Tonight I have the house to myself so I will probably be playing The Sims 3 again became I'm on Sims 3 binge at the moment. Hopefully I will not get caught up by the trains again. 

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