Song of The Day - Monday - Train Ticket Fails

Morning All!
It's Monday again and boy am I not ready for it. It's super sunny this morning so it's not so bad.

Despite paying for and making sure my eticket is ready for today, it seems to not want to work. Now I have four sets of barriers to go through by getting someone to open it for me which is a pain in my rectum.

This weekend has been quite good fun. Friday evening we went to see a show at Soho Theatre in London, the show was Max and Ivan. It was an incredibly funny two man show and I hope to see them again. 

Saturday morning Blake took the car to get serviced while I played the Sims 3, I really fancied playing it. We had lunch after he got back and then we played some Horizon Zero Dawn, this game is so epic! 

Saturday evening we drove down to Tunbridge Wells to see a friend for his birthday. We had pizza and cake, we also played Munchkin while we listened to music. 

Sunday I had a layin, we got home pretty late after driving back from Tunbridge Wells. We had baked sweet potatoes for lunch, played some Horizon Zero Dawn and then Blake was off to play boardgames with his brother. I spent the afternoon playing more Sims 3 and it was super relaxing. 
Song of The Day: