My Spring Shopping List 2017

It seems spring is finally starting to properly show itself to us, this is of course an excuse to go out and start preparing our wardrobes, cupboards and homes with that spring touch.
It is spring and you know what that means, hay fever!!
Make sure you stock up on boxes of tissues and mini packs just in case you find yourself sneezing.

A Jacket
It may been spring hence a little warmer but it's not warm enough to go out without a jacket just yet.

Taken by me
Getting either a pot of daffodils or a freshly cut unopened bunch ready for a vase. They really freshen up the house, as well as other brightly coloured flowers.

Spring Baking!
Buying ingredients for baking spring themed treats and decorations.

Flower Themed Clothing

Floral clothing is a big thing for spring, the sun is out and it just feels right.

Spring Craft

The sun is shining and sending you inspiration to maybe give your garden/outside area a little TLC. Whether it's green fingered related or household buying craft supplies for the new season is a must.

Coconut Lavender Lemonade | Top Spring Cocktails & Spring Cocktail Recipes:
There's nothing like a spring afternoon in the sun, unless of course it's a summer afternoon with additions of yummy home mixed refreshing cocktails. Buying in ice, various mixers and of course alcohol for making this lovely concoctions.

There is nothing like the freedom of a good pair of sandals when the sunshine breaks out.

Thank you for reading!