Song of The Day - Monday - Not The Monday!!!

Morning All!
I'm not feeling too clever today and I beginning to question my judgement about going to work today as I speed towards London on the train. I'm feeling very off balance this morning, so off balance I just about fell down the stairs. I had trouble with my ear all night so I think that was the reason I felt dizzy and fell to the right as I got out of bed this morning, I am definitely staying away from the escalators in Lloyds of London today.

Friday was Blake and I's anniversary and after work we went out for dinner to a place called Zippers that was quite Local to us. It was a pleasant place to eat and the service was excellent. My meal review is on the Dysh app if you like food reviews. I felt like a twit taking pictures of my food in a restaurant but I quite like the Dysh app, it's useful to see what restaurants have decent food and service.

Sunday I cooked a yummy stew (Pork and Apple stew) with dumplings, I made so much I was able to have some lunch for today. We watched Crimson Peak with dinner, see my review this Wednesday. 

Song of The Day:
Thank you for reading my blog!!! 
I hope that you all have a great Monday!!