My Autumn Shopping List

This time of year the temperature can change pretty quickly and some times you are not prepared, this my shopping list of things that always get me through the change in season for the later part of the year.
Warm Socks
I absolutely hate having cold feet!

Big Scarves
A huge scarf that doubles up as a blanket on the train.
I have a blue version of this one that is from New Look.

Hot Chocolate/ Tea
There is nothing like a big hot chocolate with marsh mellows or a steaming tea to warm you up on the colder days.

Big Cups

Big cups just so your hot drink lasts that much longer.

Cosy Shawls
These work well any time of year but there is nothing like a wearable blanket when it's cold inside or out.

Big Knitted Cardigan

Cardigans are great to ware during the cold months and they come in many styles.


Sometimes Pj's are not enough.

Hot Water Bottle

The best way to warm the bed, warm your toes and warm the rest of you.

Fingerless Gloves/Arm Warmers

I do not like full gloves because I fell they get in the way of life, these are great and I can always put my hands in my pockets.

Lip Balm

Nobody likes to have cracked lips anytime of year, you might as well have fun while keeping your lips moist.

And Finally....

I suffer from terrible sinus pain when it's cold and sometimes it turns into a migraine.

Thank you for reading!