Song of The Day - Monday - 3 Coaches HOOOOOOO!!!

Morning All!
Back to another working week and Monday is a little bit yuck. 

My usual train that is usually 6 coaches long,  then 4 coaches for the summer holidays and now because Southeastern rail it is now 3 Coaches long. Thankfully they had declassified first class so people could actually sit down. I think Southeastern rail are getting upset that Southern rail are out doing themselves in the crap services.

This weekend was spent playing No Man's Sky and The Sims 3, Blake and I are exploring the universe together and naming things we discover as we go. My first galaxy I named Cloud_Zombie88 so keep an eye out for that if you stumble across it. The Sims 3 I have been working on an elven witch that I froze to death by accident and had to start again, that was annoying but I got back to where I was in no time. 

Song of The Day:

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have a great Monday!