A To Z - The A to Z of Cloud Zombie

I think this is my first A to Z so I thought I would do on based on myself to get the ball rolling.

A) Adventures
When I am not playing video games, watching films and Tv, I am off out on some adventure.

B) Baking
It is no secret that I love baking and cooking, this is one of my many hobbies

C) Consoles and Computers
I play a lot of games on many different consoles and computers.

D) Drinking
I am very found of cider and wine, when I get a chance to go out and drink you'll probably find me drinking one or the other.

E) Eating
Food glorious food!
I think my foodie nature only encourages my need to bake and cook as well as put on weight. Oops!

F) Films
My film collection is far too large but I cannot stop myself from adding to it, I love watching the too much!

G) Gigs
Music has always played a huge part in my life, from my Mum's favourites to my partner who plays the drums and always finds his ways into local bands. We tend to go to a lot of gigs that are either local bands or a little higher up the bill.

H) Home Life
My family and friends are my on going support group that get me through bad times, good times and never fail to be there for me.

I) Internet
I was born in 1988 and the internet has pretty much run it's life from it's start. I am what the internet call a Millennial.

J) Joy
It's no secret that I am easily pleased a lot of the time and I get joy from a lot of things. I have been in a bad mood, walked through the park and come out beaming. This is because I got to see dogs having a walk and looking happy. Also nothing says happiness like Pikachu with a bottle of ketchup.


K) Kitties
These are my fur babies, they may look like innocent balls of fluff but they are fluffy little arseholes that can bring me great joy or huge amounts of stress. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Leia is the little brown with yellow and white patches and Jiji is the black and white one that looks slightly daft.

L) London
London is when I work and where I come to see most bands I like.
Despite the hatred I have for the train company I travel with I enjoy my days out in London. I don't tend to go too far when at work because I tend to get lot when on my own.

M) Minecraft
The game that I warmed to like toast in a toaster and have never stopped wanting to play.

N) Note Pads
I love to write! I write everyday in some form or another and I always have some form of notepad on me as well as my Google docs.

O) Obsessions
I have a lot of passion for arts and craft that can been seen all over my life. I love to make things (paint, sew, build), bake and cook, take photos of everything I seen and I tend to collect things I really do not need.

P) Photos
I pass a lot of beauty on my way in to work. If I see something I want to catch I will take the picture as quickly and precisely as I can. Sunsets are my favourites as well as beautiful flowers.

Q) Questions, Weird, Stupid Questions
My head is always buzzing with questions about the world, I am like that annoying kid that won't stop asking you questions you cannot answer. My Google searches must be very entertaining to read.

R) Research
Along with the questions I have always had a need to fully research something before I dive into it. If I decide I want to bake something special I will make sure I know everything in order to get it write. If I am writing about something I will research it first to the best of my ability before adding anymore. I also obsess over new things in my life and try to learn all I can about it.
I am also the human IMDB.

S) The Sims!
Oh this one has stuck with me all the way back to when the original Sims came to a computer near me. We are at The Sims 4 currently and I wonder what the future will bring.

I do not watch a lot of live TV but when I do it is mostly The Amazing World of Gumball, The Regular Show, Police chase/Police reality TV, and animal themed shows.
All of the other times I am either watching box sets in DVD or Blu-ray form and streaming from the various streaming services.

U) Under The Weather
I get ill a lot and I convinced I am the human firewall for my partner.

V) Valley, Medway Valley
The place I travel through everyday to get to work and where I live.

W) Work
My team are excellent and mostly help me get through the week.

X) X - Ray
I have broken my wrist twice in two different places and many years apart. This why I cannot lift heavy things with this hand, holding a dinner plate for too long can cause in pain and dropping the item. It gets sore during cold weather and I have to use a support, especially at work since I use that feature of my body all day.

Y) Yoyo Diets
I have always been up and down in weight but have finally found something that works for me and doesn't make me feel like I am starving myself. My Fitness Pal all the way!
Image result for yoyo diet

Z) Zombies
I love horror films in general but zombies have a very special place in my heart. They are my go to at Halloween of I haven't come up with a costume idea and I write about them frequently.

Thank you for reading!