Song of The Day - Wednesday - I Have The Power, I Have The Bluetooth Power!

Happy Wednesday!
I actually slept a little better last night, I went a little bit hippy and put lavender in front of the fan. I thought it would project a soothing calm into the room, it worked sort of and I was able to get some fairly decent sleep.

Yesterday my bluetooth converter arrived, this little gem will turn my lovely headphones into bluetooth headphones and can actually listen to and watch stuff on my phone again. My headphone jack has been out of order for some time now, I could get it fixed but means sending my phone off for an unknown amount of time and not having a phone to call work if I am delayed on the train getting into work. This way I am happy and I can still have my phone, I'll let you know how I get on with my little bluetooth advice.
Song of The Day:
Thanks for reading my blog! 
I hope that you have a fabulous Wednesday!