Song of The Day - Thursday - Book Talk

Good Morning all!
We managed to get up on time and leave on time this morning, go us! 

One of my train friends is reading One of my favourite book series and it's great to see that he's really enjoying them. If you haven't red Feed, Deadline and Blackout by Mira Grant you really should. 

The weekend is getting closer and there is a lot going on. Tomorrow is Blake and I's engagement anniversary, we shall drinking something fizzy and alcoholic while watching a bad film and talking about unknown rubbish. In Saturday I have family over from Ireland so we may be taking the little ones to the zoo. On Sunday we are going to a friends wedding and I have not decided on what to wear. We are also off work Monday to recover and relax. 
A busy few days ahead, let's do this! 

Song of The Day:

Thank you for reading my blog and hope that you have a great Thursday!