Song of The Day - Friday - A Long Engagement

Happy Friday!
I am actually more awake than I have been for the whole week, I think I have my second wind so I may actually make it through the day. 

It is our engagement anniversary today (Blake and I) and we have the usual challenge of making a really shonky card because who wants to buy them if they can be hilarious. We have been engaged for 8 years and we have not married yet because there has always something more important to do. We are ok with that and we will get there on the end. 

I am looking forward to this evening because we plan to drink wine and watch probably really bad movies and take the piss out them while talking drunkenly. So like a bad movie night with more alcohol.
Let's get through this day first though!

Song of The Day:

Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope that you have an awesome Friday and an epic weekend!