Song of The Day - Monday - Unchartered and Tea

Good Morning All!
For those of you in my corner of the world happy bank holiday Monday and to those that do not have a bank holiday Monday, I hope Monday is kind to you. 

I have had quite a fun weekend filled with tasty drinks, nice food and a hell of a lot of good company. Blake has been replaying the Uncharted games before the 4th game is released, he has a great love for these games as do I and it has been fun revisiting them again. Nolan North is a wonderful voice actor and is very easy on the eye in real life. 

We also explored the Sweeps Festival in Rochester Kent, visit a friends new flat and had a birthday meal all in the same day. Our friends new home was was spacious and Blake coveted their very cool chairs with drinks holders and a place to store remotes or maybe a bowl of popcorn on movie nights. 

We also met up with my mum and my sister in Rochester castle grounds to watch the Sur Les Docs which are a French folk punk band that play a lot at our local festivals. We grabbed something to drink in the Gorden hotel 's beer festival, I had a particularly nice mango cider. 

Later that afternoon we had a birthday meal for Blake's cousin at the pizza express also in Rochester, we had pizza of course, drinks and cake with amazingly orange buttercream icing. 

We meet up with my mum and her friends for a little while and were later joined by my sister and her friends. We called it a day a little bit after that and watched PlayStation Access videos while drinking Spiced hot ribenna (hardcore I know). 

Today we are just relaxing, playing more Uncharted and thinking about what to eat for lunch when the time comes. We may be going round some friends house tonight for a film night. 
Thank you for reading my blog and I hope Monday goes well. 

Song of The Day: