Tag Tuesday - The Zombie Apocalypes Tag

Today I am going to do a question and answer tag in the form of The Zombie Apocalypse Tag, I thought it would be fun and you could learn a few things about the woman that spouts crap at you everyday and this time it's zombie themed.
1) Which three fictional people would you have on your team?
I would pick Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park, Ellen Ripley from Alien and Carlos Oliveira from Resident Evil.

2) The object immediately to your left is your only weapon. Will you survive?
A golf umbrella and I might be able to survive depending on how I used it, it does have a rather large metal spike on the end.

3) If you were a zombie who would you want to bite?
Hey I'm a zombie I'm not going to be choosy.

4) What would your survival plan be?
I would find a place to fortify with high walls around it so I could build up a community and stock pile every ounce of food I could get my hands on.

5) What would you do if your parents became zombies?
I think it would be dependent on whether there was a cure or not, if I could keep them confined properly until they were cured that would be good. I do understand on the other hand that if there was never going to be a cure I would have to put them down before they infected anyone else.

6) Do you want the zombie apocalypse to happen?
Of course I wouldn't. If one did I would a least like a heads up so I could get organised, I am not great at running and would need time to find a place to keep safe.

Thank you for reading!