Tag Tuesday - 30 Questions Music Tag - Part 2

      Today I am going to do a question and answer tag in the form        of 30 Questions Music Tag, I thought it would be fun and you   could learn a few things about the woman that spouts crap at you                                                    everyday.
             This is the second part to last weeks Tag Tuesday.

11) Song you used to love but now can't stand?
After the partner playing it too much on Guitar Hero I get a bit annoyed by Free bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd. I don't exactly hate it I just had to sit through at least 20 failed version on it and the fact that they had almost finished the song each time began to get to me a little.

12) Group you wish had never split up?
As sad as it sounds I do miss the Spice Girls, there has been no girl group like them since.

14) Favourite song from a film?
Live and Let Die

15) Favourite song from an advert?

16) Song you grew up with?
Don't Worry About A Thing - Bob Marley

17) First song/album ever bought?
Sadly I do not actually remember this at all.

18) Album you found accidentally and love?
Century Child - Nightwish  I was at my boyfriends (now fiancĂ©) house and I remember hearing this music coming from his brothers room. I asked Blake what it was because I really liked it and the next time he come to see me he had bought me a copy.  

19) Favourite foreign language song?
This a Eurovision song but I love it and it is actually a Ukrainian protest song. Razom Nas Bahato - GreenJolly  

20) A song from the year you were born?
Orinoco Flow - Enya - I do love a bit of Enya.

Thank you for reading, please tune in next week for part 3!