Tag Tuesday - 30 Questions Music Tag - Part 1

Today I am going to do a question and answer tag in the form of 30 Questions Music Tag, I thought it would be fun and you could learn a few things about the woman that spouts crap at you everyday.

This is the second part to last weeks Tag Tuesday.
1) The last song you listened to?
2) Last Song you purchased?
I haven't bought any new music for ages, I just haven't got round to it.

3) Song you discovered on YouTube/Tumblr?
Skyrim - Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens , this is how I discovered them both. My partner was was Skyrim mad at the time so this was sort of a big thing. 

4) Favourite soundtrack piece?
I have a few so I will give you two:
The Fifth Element - The Diva Dance Opera
Star Wars VI - Jedi Rocks
because Return of The Jedi is my favourite Star Wars Film.

5) Favourite Band?
I cannot choose between them really, I go through my mind and I feel each band has given me many memories that it's hard to pick just one.

6) Favourite Solo Artist?
My favourite artist is Lindsey Stirling, I have been to see her once on her first tour of the UK and Europe. She is an amazing person that has gone from a tiny sparkle to a glittering star and I am so glad to have been here to witness her evolution. 
Electric Daisy Violin- Lindsey Stirling
Then and Now

7) Favourite Album?
My favourite album is Tenacious D's self titled first album, this is usually my kitchen music. 

8) Best Live Gig or Act you went to see live?
The Presidents of the United States of America
These guys were awesome!
and of course 
Gwar when I went to see them at Download Festival.

9) Guilty pleasure song?
Avril Lavigne - Complicated

10) Song you used to hate but now you like?
Will Young - Leave Right Now

Thank you for reading, tune in next week for part 2.