Song of The Day - Wednesday - I Can't Get No Sleep

Good Morning!
Last night was a bit of an epic fail as far as sleep went and I am just about functioning today. My cold has hit my chest and that is usually a very bad thing for me. We had dinner far too late last night because we took a flying visit to Blake's parents house and still didn't get dinner until 9pm. Blake woke feeling unwell during the night, then I woke up coughing and finally Leia my cat was lonely and wanted a hug so proceeded to cry outside the bedroom door for an hour. 

Leia gets very needy around this time of year, she's been like this since we got her spayed. She gets lonely during the night and calls out to me to come cuddle her. It makes me sad but if I do get up and cuddle her she will stay outside the door and cry once I close it to go back to bed for the rest of the night. 

Tonight we plan to make dinner as soon as we get in so we can go to sleep on time tonight. I hope today is kind to me.
Thank you for reading my blog, sorry for the rambling today. Have a brilliant day! 
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