Song of The Day - Wednesday - Time Flys When You Are Late For The Train

Good Morning and a very happy Wednesday to you all!
Even with an early night I managed to not get up on time and I am feeling extra sleepy today. 

We have reached the halfway point of the week and hopefully it will go quickly. I plan to bake flapjacks tonight when I get home. I have some blueberries, some honey and some chocolate chips. I was going to bake some extra for Blake's work friends since they seemed to like them last time.

It is St Patrick's Day tomorrow and it makes me long to visit my family over in Ireland, my Nan hasn't been too well recently and my Mum has just got back from there. I need to save up so I can go and visit everywhere again, also Blake wants to visit the island that they shot the last part of The Force Awakens on. That does give me an excuse to go over there and visit my family. 

Thank you as always for reading my blog. I do have Wednesday is good to you. 
Song of The Day: