Song of The Day - Tuesday - And We're Back in The Train Again

Good Morning All!
Did you enjoy the Easter bank holiday weekend? I did and I very much begrudge having to come back to work especially now that the sun has come out, we were completely battered over the weekend by some sort of storm. That storm fucked up one of my fence panels in my garden, that particular fence panel that we replaced last time we had a huge storm.
Bloody Weather! 

We have been pretty active this bank holiday weekend despite the crappy weather and we managed to get stuff done we actually needed to do.
On Friday since that was when we had some sunshine we decided to destroy the shed that had previously housed old cardboard boxes, bags of stones and bees. This was a reason why didn't dismantle the shed last year. It is now in pieces at the bottom of the garden and I feel much better since I used a crowbar, a mallet and a saw to destroy it. 

Saturday we had a bit of a lazy morning that was mostly filled with Chocolate hot cross buns, Assassin's Creed Syndicate and The Sims 4. I was have a go at The Sims 4 Spring challenges: The Growfruit challenge and the easter egg hunt. I was a little annoyed because my game crashed when I had nearly finished the Growfruit challenge but since I saved ages before that I had to start from that mark again. I have a few eggs still to get but I will try to get them over the next few days.

In the late afternoon we headed up to Canterbury for a evening out. It's always nice to have a walk around the highstreet of Canterbury, it's so cultural. We had a meal in an Italian restaurant which was wonderful and classy, then it was of to watch a musical of Prisilla Queen of The Desert. It was fantastic and I am so glad I got to see it. 

Sunday morning was clean the house like you have never cleaned it before morning, thankfully it is now clean (mostly) and the dinning table was ready for Easter Sunday dinner. I invited my mum over for since we hadn't really seen her since she got back from Ireland. We had a roast dinner with Apple and rhubarb flan for pudding. Sunday evening we relaxed with TV. 

Monday we swopped and had another roast but at mum's this time and my little sister was there being all teenagery. We had much wine (again) and I was quite sleepy by the time we got home. Of course I decided to play Sims instead of going to bed early.

Sadly I had acquired a cold in Saturday and hadmve spent my whole Easter bank holiday weekend being snotty, sneezy and a little big grumpy. I am still in flu mode but have to got to work, I am armed with lemsip, tissues and hand sanitizer so I hope I don't give it to anyone else.

Have a lovely Tuesday and I will see you tomorrow. 
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