Song of The Day - Thursday - Grumpy Train Lady

Good Morning!
This morning I get to share seats with a posh lady that didn't want to share seats, she gave me the biggest dirty look as I stopped at the seat next to her. The coat she is wearing is taking up half me seat so I had to move it over so I could sit down, she hates me even more now. If she hates human contact that much maybe she should have bought first class.

I am still ill this morning but I don't look it and I am not looking forward to work today. It is month end in the insurance world and the financial year is coming to the end as well if not today but in a few days. It's going to be super busy and I'm not really in the fast paced mood today. It may well be horrible tomorrow as well who knows?

I do get the house to myself tonight so that will mainly be drinking hot ribenna and wishing it was Friday bedtime already. On Friday we are playing another game of Sherlock Holms and probably failing badly at the case that is given to us. 

On Saturday evening we are off up to Wembley arena in London to see BABYMETAL! We are introducing Blake's cousin to them since she is into Jpop and similar genres to that, hopefully she enjoys it. 
Wish me luck on surviving today and I'll see you tomorrow. Happy Thursday and thank you for reading my blog! 
Song of The Day: