Song of The Day - Thursday - Last Day of Work, Last Day of Work!

Happy Thursday!
It's the last day of the working week for me, thanks to the Easter bank holidays I get 2 4 day weeks and a 4 day weekend. It seems that the sun is trying to break through the gloom at the moment but will we actually get some sunshine today?! 
The train is super empty today and I have snagged a double seat to myself, this is a bit of a treat compared to most of the time. 

Last night I took some time to make some easter treats for my coworkers, they are only chocolate nests since I haven't had time or money to buy all the things for hot cross cookies. It's payday today and maybe over the weekend I'll make some hot cross cookies. 
I think we may be going food shopping tonight so I will probably get ingredients then and some extra easter treats as well. 

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you have a great Thursday and a Awesome bank holiday weekend! 
Song of The Day: