Song of The Day - Thursday - It's Alive!

Happy Thursday!
Yes I am back and just about alive, I have quite a large headache and I hope that the water and the ibrofien I have taken will take it away soon.  The brisk walk helped a little bit this morning though, the wind is bloody freezing. 

Over the past weekend despite my on going illness I had quite a nice time at my friends house in over in Blandford down in Dorset. We visited Monkey World and had lunch in a small local cafĂ©. We do not get to see our friends that often so we tried to fit in a lot of friends time into a small space. 

I have been ill from work for the past few days but dragged myself back in today. I do hope I can get through the day ok, let's see what happens shall we. 

I hope you have a great Thursday, thank you as usual for reading my blog.
Song of The Day: