Song of The Day - Monday - New Glasses, New Week!

It's Monday!
Morning All!
We are back to another working week but this week is only have 4 working days since the easter bank holidays are nearly apon us, we also have a 4 day week next week as well. 

Friday evening I spent the entire evening watching The Gabbie Show Videos on YouTube, yes I know I am a recluse and I am ok with that. 

Saturday we went shopping and we ended up at Bluewater shopping centre, it was Blake's Idea to go. I wouldn't have done that to myself because I don't do crowds of people especially when shopping. 

That evening we had Bad Movie Night where we watched two equally fairly awful films. We meet our friends 6 week old girl and welcomed her into the group and she was not impressed with the movies she saw but they didn't manage to bore her to tears. 

Sunday I was up early to bake cupcakes for my sister in law's birthday party and I baked full on until around 11am. I then  went to pick up my new pairs of glasses and walked down the highstreet loving that everything was back in HD once again. In the afternoon we went to the party and ate far too much sugar, gave presents and put the world to rest. 

Of course we are now back to Monday and I am on my way to London for work. I am quite tired today because the other half didn't sleep well and I am a light sleeper so every time he got up or moved he woke me up, I may need some cola today. 

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have a great Monday! 
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