Song of The Day - Monday - Monday Again

Morning All!
Well we are back again and I am not overly pleased this morning because I was enjoying being asleep. Another dull day and it's not very warm either, I'm looking for to when proper spring comes.

I had a pretty good weekend with much fun included. On Friday I had the house to myself so of course I spent most of that on the computer either watching YouTube videos, writing for the blog or something or other and playing video games. 

Saturday we were up early to make sure everything was ok at my mum's house, this was just incase the tree surgeon had cut the tree down that is in the ally way behind her house and it managed to squash her two dogs to doggy Pancakes. The dogs were fine just so you know. 
Since we didn't have to do anything until the evening we watched a film and dozed a little, we had a late night Friday and we were both quite tired. In the evening the band that Blake is in played at Poco Locos in Rochester, it was a fun night mostly and we were home by about half 10.

On Sunday I visited the opticians since I was starting to notice that my eyes were getting worse. My new glasses are now ordered and this time they are reactor lenses, I know glasses and sun glasses in one. This does mean I will not be squinting when I go to Download this year and I'll be able to see. In the afternoon we finished Rise of The Tomb Raider together while eating lunch and drinking tea. 

And we are back to the working week! My train is running late and has been rerouted, this is a bad omen for a Monday morning. Will I get to work on time? Will I be late?  Tune in next time to see the exciting conclusion. 

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope Monday treats you well.
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