Song of The Day - Friday - let's Do This!

Happy Friday Everyone!
And Good Morning of course. 
I had an early night and managed to actually achieve some decent sleep, I was running on empty yesterday and kept losing my place in sentences. Today I woke up with some willingness to get out of bed, we even left the house on time this morning and I got to the station on time. 

I had a little glass of Baileys last night to toast to St Patrick's Day and my family, it had been a long week and I am not very hardcore for drinking a lot on a work night. I did not want a hang over at work and I had no holiday left until April so I couldn't book the day off. 

Tonight I have the house to myself again so I may bake in preparation for the weekend ahead, it's going to be a busy few days. 
Thank you very much for reading my blog. I hope you have a great Friday and an Awesome Weekend! 
Song of The Day: