International Women's Day - The Women That Inspire Me

Happy International Women's Day!
IWD is all about spreading awareness of equality for women of all ages and celebrating the power women that got us where we are today.
Here are a few women who inspire me to be more than just a person but to be a proud woman.

My Mum
Most Mother and Daughter relationships these day are usually described as up and down and we were no different. I was an only child up until I was about 9 and then my sister came along and it was tough living in a house with two other girls that made the house rumble when they were in a bad mood.

I see my Mother as a very strong woman that has battled through most of her life and has come through the other side as a survivor. She has more or less been the main parent for my sister and I because of one reason or another and she has always cared despite what she has been through.
Miss Jordan My GCSE English Teacher
This lady taught me that it was OK to be confident even though I have a learning difficulty and showed me that I could be top of the class if I searched my mind for it. This is the women that compelled me to write and encouraged me to enjoy it.
She was my inspired me in such a way that I now write, read and think about writing every single day.
Thank you Miss Jordan of HOH!
My Sister in Law
My sister in law is a power women and she has worked hard to get to where she is today. I admire her confidence, commitment, focus and hard work in every day life. My sister in law will certainly be one of the women that will help change how society looks and treats us.
Seanan is my favourite author and find her female characters to be very intriguing as well as inspiring. Seanan also writes under the Name Mira Grant and her books are equally good. She inspires me because she build her writing career from the ground up and this gives me hope that one day in the future something that I write might me just as great as hers.