6 Things That You Really Shouldn't Do In Minecraft

Once you are fully learned on how Minecraft works you find yourself horrified when it come to watching Noobs Play and just want to constantly tag hold of their mouse.

1) Don't Mess Around On Your First Day In Survival Mode.
Yes, yes it's all very pretty and exciting but if you don't get your arse moving soon and punch some wood you will soon find out why night sucks balls in Minecraft.

2) Don't Look An Enderman Directly In The Face.
Or anywhere above the knee for that matter unless you seriously want to piss him off and have him go mental on your sorry nooby arse.

3) Don't Stand Next To A Creeper.
They may look kind of cute in a scary green way but they will wreck you up good, keep away from them unless you want a rather large hole in the ground and have yourself obliterated from the Overworld.

4) Always Watch Your Back.
If you are going to be mining make sure you light up your path as you go and watch what may be spawning behind you. Creepers just love the chance to come explode you and any ores you may have acquired during your long mining session.

5) Don't Mine Directly Up Or Down.
Just don't do it unless you want lava to fall on you or you want to take a swim and burn to death. Say goodbye to those diamonds you had just taken two hours to find.
6) Don't Starve.
You wouldn't let yourself starve in real life and Minecraft is unforgiving if you do it in the game.

Thank you for reading.