Tag Tuesday - Fun Questions About Yourself

Today I am going to do a question and answer tag in the form of Fun Questions About Yourself Tag, I thought it would be fun and you could learn a few things about the woman that spouts crap at you everyday.
1) First of all, What is your name?
2) What is your favourite feature?
My eyes
3) Favourite animal? Do you prefer cats or dogs?
I cannot choose between cats and dogs, I grew up with both and I currently own two cats. I would have dogs as well if my house was bigger and I didn't work in London.
4) If you got 1 Million Dollars today what would you do with it?
I would either pay to decorate the whole house and pay of the mortgage or buy a new house outright.
5) How about you got 1 million Dollars and had to use it in a week? Would that change your answer?
Then I would buy the new house instead and furnish it.
6) What is your favourite music style?
I am very eclectic when it comes to music so I couldn't choose, my collection ranges from the Spice Girls to Killswitch Engage.
7) Would you rather go without makeup for the rest of your life or ice cream? (Evil Smiles)
I don't wear makeup that often so it's no real loss to be.
8) Write down the words you use to describe yourself.
Daydreamer, Quiet, Imaginative, Introvert, Overly Helpful, Round.
9) If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
If it's a meal it would be cheesy mash potato.
10) Would you rather wear skirts, tanks and flats for the rest of your life or shorts, tees and sneakers?
Trainers, jeans and Strap tops, I don't fit into either because I'm a mix of both.
11) How many places have you visited. What are they? How about your favourite one?
If you are asking countries then I have been to Turkey, Ireland, France, Italy, Wales, The isle of Wight.... I think that's it.
12) The most adventurous thing you have ever done?
I have been on a jet ski (yes I am super adventurous).
13) What do you like about yourself? What do you not like about yourself?
I like who am apart from the weight issues and how short I am, the weight issues can be fixed though.
14) Do you think you are beautiful? 
I am in my own way just like everyone is I suppose.
15) What is the one thing you wish you had more of in your life?
Free time to be social and relax by myself.
16) What would your perfect day consist of?
Not being at work, having my partner with me, video games, picnics, having friends and family over for a gaming day or something fun and eating good food.
17) Rather have an attractive husband that you can't relate to/doesn't have a good personality or a husband that is mediocre looking but has an amazing personality/loves you/can relate?
Too be honest beauty is in the eye of the beholder and somebody who I find attractive might not be attractive to them. The Husband to be is gorgeous to me and that is all that should matter in my eyes. He looks after me, he's hilariously funny and can read me like a book.
18) Your bucket list? Do you have one?
I would like to visit America, Have a job that I enjoy or own my own business, Own my house outright, go to a pagan festival, To Cosplay, Get a tattoo, Start a family and make more friends.
19) If you could only eat breakfast, lunch or dinner for every meal, what would it be?
Lunch because lunch could be breakfast or dinner.
Thank you for reading.