Song of The Day - Tuesday - Why Have All The Blue Skies Gone Away?

Good Morning All!
I am super clean thanks to the hot water at the in law's house, I was a bit late getting there due to wind and other fun things upsetting the trains.

Sadly I am feeling just as crappy as yesterday and yet to my better judgement I am actually going into work. I'm hoping a cup of tea will help me feel a little more awake and able to use my brain.

I do not have much to talk about today since I was late home then went straight to my inlaw's house for a bath and then they were kind enough to invite us for dinner as well. We all ate late because of the train situation and the bathing so we were only there for a few hours last night. 
Thank you for reading my blog, sorry today's blog isn't very full.
I hope you all have an excellent Tuesday! 
Song of The Day: