Song of The Day - Tuesday - Minecraft and October Daye

Good Morning!
It's very icy this morning so the walk down to the station was a bit brisk, luckily the train is warm. I also have a train friend this morning in the form of Blake and his relentless, poor boys tired this morning because he was up late playing a Star Wars battle game on his phone. 

Last night my train was late home so anything productive went through the window because it tends to throw me off balance and makes me really grumpy. I ended up playing The Revenge of The C-Team Minecraft modpack while listening to Rosemary and Rue (An October Daye novel) by Seanan Mcguire. I also many have had some chocolate. 

I didn't get to write much today because the other half wanted to be socialiable because he's out again tonight. So thank you for reading my blog and I hope that your Tuesday goes well. 

Song of The Day: