Song of The Day - Thursday - Crap App The Awakening

Good morning everyone and a very Happy Thursday!

I'm blogging from the crap this morning without a template because my computer seems to be not wanting to connect to the WiFi properly today, hopefully I can work it out tonight and tomorrow we shall be back to normal.

Despite going to bed early last both of us could not wake up this morning, I'm not sure how that works but we left a bit late so we had to get a move on so we could get to the station on time. It's still quite cold today, I'm not sure if that means snow is heading for us or not though.

Blake pick up our new car yesterday evening and picked me up from the station in it. New cars smell like new pencil cases and I am going to enjoy it while I can. We are both very pleased with the new car and it's going to get a proper outing next week when we visit our friends down in Dorset. It's always good to have a good car for a road trip.

Thanks again for reading my blog.
I hope you all have an excellent Thursday!

Baby Cakes - 3 of A Kind

A blast from 2009 for you! I woke up with this in my head this morning. If I have to suffer, you can join me. A hilariously silly and somehow erotic video that you strangely enjoy.