Song of The Day - Monday - Urrggh Monday Again!

Morning All!
Can I have another weekend today please?!  Work came to quickly again and I'm not prepared for it. It's kind of crappy weather wise so the partner drove me to the station, that way he gets home quicker as well when he finishes work.

Friday night was spent watching TV,eating Chinese food and drinking sparkling rose wine. I had such a long Friday I was in no mood to cook or socialise. I ended up watching cartoons like a child.

On Saturday we went shopping for the car in the form of buying foot well mats, the car didn't come with them and we want to try and keep it clean. I bought flowers for my mum from the florist as well since we were going to see her after lunch that day. We had a long chat and I got lots of animal hugs from my mum's two cats and two dogs. In the evening it was off to Blake's parents house for a zombie film fest with his dad, much wine was consumed that night.

On Sunday I had a long layin which was wonderful since I don't get them very often. At lunchtime we had toasted hot cross buns, chicken sandwiches and tea while watching Star Wars Rebels. We played Tomb Raider and didn't do very much that afternoon. In the evening Blake went out for band practice after dinner and I got some Sims 4 in until Blake came home a lot earlier since it turned out that the practice room was double booked. We watched YouTube videos while in bed since he was tired and surprised that he was going to get an early night. 

Let's hope I get through this day quickly!
Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you have a lovely Monday!
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