Song of The Day - Monday - I Have Risen!

Morning All!
I have returned to the land of the living after 3 days sick from work and the weekend to recover from the flu that hit me very hard. I spent most of the 3 days asleep because I had no energy to do anything, listening to an audiobook while I lay in bed with my eyes closed closed. 

We haven't had any heating or hot water for over a week now and we've just managed to get someone out to look at the boiler because it doesn't want to work. That was fun when I was ill since I still really needed to keep warm. The father in law came to the rescue and dropped off portable heaters that made it so much nicer to be in the house. With the boiler not working the kitchen that is usually the warmest room in the house became the coldest room in the house or on par with the bathroom. The tile floor in the kitchen is unpleasant to stand on when you have no socks on.

I discovered the healing powers of honey, lemon and hot water over my sick days and I actually quite enjoy it as an actual drink. Today I am feeling able to go to work even though I am feeling a little crappy still. 

Saturday I ventured out of the house in the cold so we could go sort out the paperwork for the car which we should be getting this week. We also picked up an Marks and Spencer valentines meal deal because I can't stand restaurants on that day of the year but I still want an excuse to eat stake. 

On Sunday we stayed in bed late with the cats on the end of the bed. They get excited when we let them in the bedroom and they roll on the bed like excited children and explore underneath it. 

We are a fairly old couple so valentines day isn't celebrated the usual way because it's a ball ache to do that and we have nothing to prove to each other, we have been together for 10 years and we know we love each other. Also spending one day each year to express your love to one another is kind of Silly, if you love someone tell them every day. We played some telltale Borderlands together while huddled around the heaters and having two cold cats on our laps and that was basically our Sunday.
Thank you for reading my blog, sorry about the quietness last week. 
Have a great Monday! 
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