Song of The Day - Friday - Out On The Road!

Happy Friday!
I am off  work today, we are leaving around 12ish to begin our long trip down to Dorset to visit our very good friends. We have spent the morning preparing the house so it's in a better shape since we will be away and I am not cleaning on Sunday evening before going back to work. 

The cats look very confused because we have been rushing around like mad things and that usually their job. My Mum is being awesome and feeding them for us while we are away and I'm sure they will ask her for cuddles. I'm sure Leia will have the hump with me when we get back because I haven't been here to give her weekend morning cuddles like usual.

That's it from me now since I have to do many things before we leave. Thank you for reading my blog as always. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a Fabulous weekend!
Song of The Day: