Song of The Day - Friday - Defragmentation: A Crap App Adventure

Happy Friday All! 

This morning I got driven to the station by Blake in our brand new car, I did almost throat punch him when he decided to Start pissing around with choosing music to listen to for a less than 5 minutes journey. My train was due to pull into the station in under 3 minutes. I did get my train you'll be happy to know (obviously).

Tonight I'm planning to get Chinese food for dinner since the other half is out with his brother and his dad tonight. The cats haven't had very much attention this week so I will be on cuddle duty tonight and I may let them have some treats. They love to bundle on the sofa with me with a blanket, if they sit on me they know they have me trapped and primed for cuddles.

My little sister got a place at the university she choose so congratulations to to you for getting in and I hope it's everything you wanted. I hope I get to see her at some point this weekend to congratulate her in person.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope that you have a great Friday and an epic weekend!

Song of The Day:
Kiss From A Rose - Seal