Cloud Zombie's Film Cupboard - Divergent, Maze Runner

Welcome back to my film cupboard film review section!
Last week there was only one film reviewed but this week I have a few more for you so I hope you will forgive me.
 I am always a big fan of this style of story and I always feel right at home when watching, Divergent is no different. I the books are in my to read pile but the I had the film so I might as well give it a go, it will fun to compare them eventually.
Tris as a character is a bit of a puzzle and you never really know quite what she is thinking. Tris is a strong character and even though she is confused about who she is as a person she knows right from wrong. I love the characters and I hope that some of the main ones get a little more story in the second film (that I will be watching soon).
I do feel that a large chuck of the film was training then a small bit at the end seemed to have all the plot much  like The Hunger Games. When I get around to reading the book I hope that it isn't the same because sadly it is like that for the book of The Hunger Games too.
Overall I thought this was a fun, energetic and adventures film and I am looking forward to seen and reading all the installations.
I give this film 9/10
Maze Runner
This is another on the to read pile that I have just started after the film and I am enjoying it so far.
I think the characters are complex and that they interact well, the way they are introduced to each other gives them time to build on their own stories. It is nice to see a few familiar faces in this cast and too see how they have grown as actors. The story keeps you interested all the way to the end and leaves you excited for the next installation.
Overall Maze Runner is a thrilling puzzle of an adventure that keeps you guess up until the very end.
I give this film 10/10
 Thank you for reading.