Song of The Day - Friday - What is happening?

Morning All!
Hello it's me, I bet you were wondering if I was still alive?
I am still alive but I am still in my pillow fort of healing +2.
I was hoping to better by today but it continued through the night and  I have no energy to travel to London and concentrate. 

Yesterday while I lay in my fort of +2 healing I discovered another of our beloved famous Brits had been taken from us by cancer. 
Alan as Hans Gruber in Die Hard - one of my favourite films
I for one was shocked by this being that we only lost David Bowie at the beginning of the week to cancer. I think what hits hard is the fact they were both 69 years old and both were taken by cancer. Being already emotionally unstable by the loss of David Bowie I did indeed feel a little lost yesterday. I hope 2016 slows down a bit because I am not ready to lose anyone else quite yet.
Rip Alan Rickman

Thank you for reading my blog. 
I hope you have a glorious Friday and an excellent weekend.
Song of The Day:

Rip David Bowie I hope you are still dancing somewhere fun.
I hope you have enjoyed my celebration of David Bowie this week.