Cloud Zombie's Film Cupboard - Bad Movie Night Special - Monster Dog, Phantasm

Hello and Welcome to another of my film review posts, today is a special Bad Movie Night edition. There are no trailers that I could find for these that didn't have spoilers or that were technically the whole film, so I opted for no trailers this time around.
Monster Dog
Monster Dog could have been a great film but instead it chose to go down the road of the plot sodding off down the pub. The story of this film is almost on the level with a Scooby Doo cartoon and I was half expecting the Mystery Machine to turn up at some point.
Saying that some of the effects were fun and the monster actually does look scary and did what it was supposed to without deviating from the pattern.
Alice Cooper does play the main character in Monster Dog and some songs written by him even feature in the film, I do feel that he was probably the best actor in the film though and the rest just signed on so they could be in a film with Alice Cooper.
I give this film 6/10
We watched Phantasm in Honor of Angus Scrimm, he past away on the 9th January this year at the age of 89 and this was what he was most famous for in my eyes.
This film is a favourite for bad movie night because it's plot seems to have been written as the film was being shot with no sight that it would actually make sense.  It does have scary jawa looking things that seem to have a fondness for attacking people as soon as they see them and shiny metal flying balls that have a hatred for the inside of skulls.
I give this film 5/10
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