Song of The Day - Tuesday - Nearly Done For The Week

Happy Tuesday!
Had to run to get on the train this morning, I was running a little late and the train arrived early. Southeastern rail can never quite get it so it arrives on the time it was due.

I've only got one day left this week and then I'm off until Monday. 
We have a wedding to go to this week, our very good friends are tying the knot this Friday and Blake is the best man (I know again,  he seems to be very popular) so it's going to a busy day getting him ready and of course the groom. 

The partner has another cold so I spend the evening cheering him up, feeding him flu tablets and watering him with hot ribenna. He did sleep last night which was good, do you know how I know he slept?  Yes he snored most of the night.

I'm really getting into the tv series of Scream, it's everything I want it to be and more. Randy would be proud. I could really go for watching the films again to, I always do enjoy them. 

Have a fantastic Tuesday! 
Thank you for reading my blog!
Song of The Day:

This song reminds me of my mum because she would always play it on her guitar.