Song of The Day - Thursday - Almost Friday!

Good Morning and a very Happy Thursday!
Well despite being on the go slow this morning when getting ready for work I actually got to the station in good time with about 4 minutes to spare while the other train before mine was leaving.

 My sore knee is getting better but still sore,  I think I actually managed to achieve flight for a few seconds on Monday morning when I missed the 3 or 4 bottom steps. I saw the lady who helped me up last night on the train, as soon as she saw me she was checking how I was. There are still nice people out there willing to help someone when they fall arse over tit. 

We watched our recorded Dave Gorman's Modern Life is goodish last night because the other half was out on Tuesday. I am still working on the costume and it's getting to the point of a very busy weekend so I actually finish it before Halloween, the in law's are throwing a Halloween party. 

I have a few more articles coming next week hopefully and a few tomorrow so watch this space. 
Have a fantastic Thursday! 
Song of The Day: