Song of The Day -Tuesday - Under My Umbrella

Good Morning All!
I'm a little more awake this morning, Blake isn't even though he went to sleep earlier than me but I'm awake.
Last nights eat ice cream in bed and watch YouTube videos night was a success, Mondays really do suck balls don't they?! 
I have already posted my... Posts for The Will Adams Festival and BBC Radio 2 Hyde Park festival so check them out at your leisure. Trust me that is only half the pictures I took for the radio 2 festival, I have a problem.
Jiji my cat was happy to be alive this morning, she was extremely vocal about wanting all the hugs. You are definitely a pet owner when you say good morning to your pet and take their reply as an actual answer back to you. Seriously though Jiji loves to be talked to, she is always moawing about something.
I will try to get some film reviews up tomorrow, I have been super busy over the last couple of weeks and I'm sorry I have been low on content recently.
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Have a super Tuesday!
Song of The Day:

A little bit of scary sexy for a Tuesday Morning.