Song of The Day - Wednesday - More Sleep Thank You!

Hello Everyone!
I have a huge headache this morning and I really just wanted to sleep it off. The walk down to the station helped a little but I am definitely going to Boots when I get to Cannon Street, I cannot have this fluffing up my day.
I bought an adult colouring book yesterday and I'm not going to lie I did almost spend the whole evening colouring covered in cusions. The Mummy Returns washing TV last night as well so I was sorted. I stopped for some late night cooking and baking, I made pasta ready for the chicken pasta salad for lunch today and I made an oat crumbly thing to go ontop of out dessert for tonight's Great British Bake Off. 
I will put the pictures in a post tomorrow sometime. 
I have finalised my plans for my Halloween display in the front garden, this years theme is Spiders. I may have to start collecting thing now for it because this is going to be able big one. 
The costume I have been planning but I am still unhappy with and hope to have an idea soon.
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I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!

Song of The Day: