Song of The Day - Wednesday - Surviving!

Hello Everyone I am alive!
Well...just about.
After a crappy few days I am on the train feeling just as crappy while the sun shines through the train window and works on my neasua and my headache.
I a lady giving me the evil eye from across the carriage for an unknown reason and I know my earphones are not too loud because I know how far the volume goes before it starts sharing my audiobook with the rest of the carriage. 

It's Bake Off tonight so that will be something to look forward to after dragging myself through this day.
I did make banana bread for today, I'm hoping my body will let me have a small piece with a cup of tea. I have really been enjoying Bake Off on a Wednesday evening, it helps you get through the week. 

I also now have a new phone case, this means I will not break my new phone in the first month or so. The last phone was not my fault and I am looking into getting it unencrypted so I can get the rest of my pictures off it, after that it's bye bye old phone for good. 

So here's some good news:
Cloud Zombie's Film Cupboard will be back next Wednesday, yes I have actually got some films watched. Also I have some new articles up on Thursday and next week along with Musical Mondays.
Let me know what you think in comments or send me an email:

I hope you have a great Wednesday! 
Half way through the week!
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