Song of The Day - Tuesday - Thundercats HOOO!

Good Morning All!!
Guess what I woke up with in my head!?
Well the bank holiday weekend was awesome for me. Friday was baking rhubarb turnovers and happy crying at Diy Sos (I'm so hard core!), Saturday was lay in film writing day, the evening we watched  The Eurovision Song Contest and I live tweeted as it was happening , I also consumed a lot of wine and cchocolate, Sunday I was incredible lazy while the other half was out playing boardgames at his ddad's, Monday my Mum took us to B&Q to buy use wallpaper for our on going front room decoration, then it was back to being lazy with an yummy dinner and Rhubarb and apple crumble with custard. 
All in all an awesome weekend. 
Let's hope this four day week goes quickly and is nice to us so we can get on with the next weekend.
Have an awesome day!

Song of The Day: