Song of The Day - Monday - Gaaaahh!

Hello Everyone!
Sorry for my disappearance on Friday, I woke up with sinusitis on Friday morning. I had a really swollen face, migraine and some trips to the loo that I was not to happy about because the migraine would not go away. I spent the rest of the day with ice on my face in bed trying to make it go away. The weekend wasn't much better and I still had to go food shopping, there are some stupid people in the supermarket and it annoys me more so when I'm ill. I did get an afternoon nap in though.
Sunday was a bit better because I was completely lazy and did not do much.
I am kind of glad I missed Friday because of the whole shit storm that happened after the votes came in, all social networks became a massive argument on what Party is better and how the end is nye.
It is now Monday and I wwould much rather of stayed in bed, one step out the door and all the pollen attacked my face. My sinuses are already full!  Let us see how I do today at work, I'm very aware that I have a face at the moment. The train is also whizzing past lots of yellow fields. Joy!

Happy Monday!

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