Song of The Day - Wednesday - Crap App: This Time it's Worse

Good Morning Everyone! 
A very happy hump day to you all!
Yes the crap app returns once again today because I was busy tidying up my house this morning. We have another Tekken night tonight and I wanted it to be a moderate tidiness.
This will be edited as soon as I get to a suitable computer.
It seems to be a frosty one this morning,  the cold has returned and we scrap the car this morning. I am really wishing for some decent amount of snow, sadly New England seems to be hogging all the snow.
We had pancakes last night, which was very enjoyable and I wish I remembered them other times of the year. America have all the Fun.
On Tekken night we don't just play Tekken, we play lots of other fun multi player games. I will add the list tomorrow. I'm making sweet tortilla chips tonight for a treat, I'm hoping to get some fresh fruit in to go with the healthier section to give people an option.
Anyway have a great day and look out for the next installment of 'Cloud Zombie's Film Cupboard' at around lunchtime. 
(Edited: This blog has now been edited)
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