October Horror Movies Review - Stupid Teenagers Must Die

Well what can I say about this film . . . wait, wait it's coming to me . . .oh yeah it was a film.
Here is the trailer:
This is the type of film I added to my file under 'Not A Real film'.
There is such a lack of plot in this film they try to cover it up with sex, boobs and over the top lesbians with over the top proportions.
Over the top lesbians
It follows the usual 'Horror Movie Rules' and had me shouting at the tv in frustration.
If you are up for a Bad Movie Night with your friends this would be a great film to take the piss out of.
And here is my parting gift:
I watched this originally on Amazon Prime/Love Film but YouTube seems to have the full version, yes that's the full 1 hour and 16 minutes.