31 Days of Horror

Last year I attempted 31 Day of Horror in which I watched 31 horror related films within the month of October.

I will not be doing it this year due to it being very time consuming and I really do not have the time for it this year.
I will however will try and watch as many as I can during the October period. I will then try to put the reviews up in a timely manor for you to read.

Here is my 31 Days of Horror watch list in no particular order:

1) Night of the Living Dead (Original)
2) Dawn of The Dead (Original)
3) Day of The Day (Original)
4) Scream
5) Scream 2
6) Scream 3
7) Scream 4
8) ABC's of Death
9) Saw
10) Braindead
11) Zombieland
12) The Crazies (Original)
13) Bordello of Blood
14) Fright Night (Original)
15) Land of the Dead
16) Diary of the Dead
17) The Thing (Original)
18) Friday 13th
19) Franken Hooker
20) Doghouse
21) Audition
22) Alien
23) A Nightmare on Elm Street
24) Nosferatu
25) Young Frankenstein
26) An American Werewolf in London
27) The Craft
28) The Evil Dead (Original)
29) Ginger Snaps
30) Re-Animator
31) REC