Song of The Day - Wednesday

We are now half way through the week!
I was bored last night and made banana bread.

It didn't rise as much as I wanted to but it still tastes and slices like a grown up made it. I had some left over bananas from the weekend when I made Banoffee pie for my mum.
Also here is my cat Jiji in here fort of Geek and I must say she looks very nonplussed.
Last night was also watch an unhealthy amount of Doctor Who and wonder why you are tired the next morning night. Also Blake came home from playing a Tekken tournament at his friends house on a happy high and would not go to sleep.

As usual tea is the answer to the problem and hey I have banana bread to go with it now, go me!
Song of The Day:
Call Me When You're Sober - Evanescence